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Are you looking for a turf that stays lush green all year long without the need for chemicals?

Artificial turf offers a stream of benefits and works out to be cheaper to maintain over time. With such, your lawns will look immaculate all year long with no more mowing and endless yard work. 

There’s nothing like the pristine beauty of a new turf when it comes to putting a new spin on the lawn. But homeowners fear violating water restrictions or the local landscaping guidelines. That’s where professional artificial turf installation services in Prescott, AZ, will give you maximum benefits.

As the popularity of artificial turf is on the rise, many homeowners are putting it as a must-to-do item in their home improvement ventures. From environmentally conscious consumers to higher demands from commercial companies, artificial turf is quickly becoming an integral part of most lawns in Prescott, AZ.

What Is Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is a manufactured surface of synthetic fibers that look like real grass.

It is available in different pile heights that are constructed in the same way that carpet is made. With artificial turf, you got a solid backing, and the blades are stitched to it through machines. With modern innovative technologies, artificial turf has made leaps and bounds on its realistic-looking appearance.

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What are the benefits of installing artificial turf?

Artificial turf saves both time and money when you compare it to natural grass with many other benefits. It’s an excellent landscaping option that not only reduces the monthly water bills but also stays there as a “forever lawn.”

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No Water or Weed Control

With artificial turf installation, your water consumption for landscaping will be reduced drastically. Unlike natural grass that requires approximately 55 gallons per square foot annually, artificial turf doesn't require any water. You'll get the landscape look of green grass without the maintenance. When the monsoons come, there'll be no need to worry about weeds!

Minimal Maintenance

There are numerous benefits of installing a turf system, but perhaps the most significant is that it requires minimal maintenance than a natural lawn. The artificial turf doesn't grow, and you won't have to indulge in annoying maintenance chores like cutting and maintaining. The time you normally spend on lawn care can now engage with your family or relax.
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Another reason for the growing popularity of artificial turf is the monetary savings over the lifecycle. With technological advancements, the turf is not only affordable but is also cheaper to maintain in comparison to natural grass. It's a long-term investment since you won't have to replace it even after 10 years. Imagine the difference in your water bill!
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Aesthetic Benefits

With all the materials and designs available in today's market, artificial lawns are anything but bland. Whether you're looking for something sleek and sophisticated or you prefer a more natural look, there is sure to be something out there for you. Stand out in the real estate market while increasing your home value.
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Artificial Turf Installation is so desirable for homeowners because it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including heavy rain, strong winds, hail, and even the worst of the drought. It stays green and never dies. With artificial turf, you won't have to worry about overgrown or brown spots.
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Benefits of hiring a professional company

Artificial Turf installation is an effective way to beautify your landscape and curb appeal. But it is pretty important to choose a reputable landscaping company for the job. Doing so will ensure that your project is completed properly, which will ultimately help you save money and have stunning looks in your landscape.

In addition, it can also help you choose a good artificial turf at an affordable rate. By hiring professionals to install it, you can rest easy knowing that the job has been done right. Furthermore, they can help you schedule everything so that your project looks beautiful from the beginning.

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